Modular Wheelchair


Modular Wheelchair

From the materials chosen a modular wheelchair was designed allowing it to have a quick release system. The main feature of the design is that the main component is repeated throughout allowing for cheaper and easier manufacture and assembly. The design features a completely modular system, allowing the user to customise the wheelchair to their needs.


The traditional metal wheelchair has now been transformed into a contemporary lightweight modular wheelchair through the transition of polymers. Through innovative design methods and material choices the wheelchair has been narrowed to a total of 23 components (9 unique components) not only making it lighter but more durable at the same time.


Key features:

Modularity, Ease of Manufacture through unique components, Lightweight, Durable, Design for Disassembly / Quick Release, Low Cost, Shock Resistant, Comfortable and Ease of Repair.

The aim of this project was to identify a traditional metal product and replace it with a next generation product, utilising the engineering quality of polymers to create an enhanced design. In this case a wheelchair was chosen because it was considered to have a great deal of potential. To re-design the wheelchair for people between the ages of 18 to 30 using polymer properties created a challenging but exciting project.


Through the use of material selection software and material testing suitable polymers were chosen. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polyamide/Nylon (PA) and a Carbon Fibre axle.

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